At California Neurohealth, we combine the best of Western non-drug and non-surgical methods with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into a completely synergistic treatment protocol. This unique approach to care draws on the best from both disciplines to target the root cause for illness and neurological dysfunction and empower our patients to live healthier, more active lives. The majority of our patients receive treatments from both Western and TCM disciplines. We find that this combination of care helps patients heal faster with fewer office visits and a lower out-of-pocket cost while still delivering the best possible treatment outcomes.

As a new patient, both our healthcare providers will evaluate you and work together to create a synergistic treatment program drawing on Western non-drug/non-surgical methods and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The following information will help you better understand what to expect from our neurological and acupuncture treatments.

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How We Work Together: California Neurohealth Perspective​

Neurological Perspective for Stroke Patient

A patient who has recently had a stroke will first have a complete neurological evaluation. This evaluation will include special tests such as neuropsychological assessment, videonystagmography, computerized dynamic posturography, and a complete TCM evaluation including pulse, tongue, ear and channel palpation exams. Based on the results of these tests, our medical team will create a unified treatment plan that integrates cognitive and motor rehabilitation with scalp and body acupuncture and herbal medicine. We also coordinate directly with the patient’s MD regarding any western medications. Acupuncture facilitates the regional blood flow to the injured regions of the brain and herbal medicine helps to improve modulate and resolve the inflammatory cascade, while all of the above methods facilitate neurogenesis and promote neuroplasticity. This treatment protocol is based on existing research that demonstrates how rehabilitative exercises stimulate the brain through activation of relevant neural pathways.

While all of these treatments work independently of one another, our expertise lies in our ability to understand how to best combine these treatments for optimal outcomes and faster patient recovery. Many of the modalities we use in our wellness center create the window of opportunity for another modality to work better. For a stroke patient, for example, an increase in blood flow to the brain via acupuncture increases oxygenation and nutrition to the healing region of the brain that is being actively stimulated through rehabilitation. At the same time, herbal therapy reduces inflammation from the stroke. Otherwise, this inflammation would inhibit the growth of the new neural pathways that are being created during active rehabilitation.

Acupuncture Perspective for Acute Sprain/Strain Injury
For a patient who has sustained an acute sprain or strain injury, we will first take a full medical history to understand the symptoms and the mechanism of injury. Next, we complete an orthopedic exam to identify the injured structures and determine whether any special diagnostics such as an X-ray or MRI are necessary. We will also conduct a complete pulse, ear and tongue diagnosis as well as channel palpation to understand the terrain and healing capacity of the body. Injury treatment may include acupuncture, an electrotherapeutic modality such as micro-current and photo bio modulation therapy, also known as low level laser therapy, to accelerate healing, reduce pain and minimize inflammation.

The patient will return to have the injury re-assessed and continue with treatment until the swelling, pain and range of motion are appropriate to begin moving the area passively at first with mobilization and, where needed, soft tissue manipulation such as Graston technique, transverse friction or pin and stretch myofascial release. Active therapeutic exercises begin as soon as possible. Herbal medicines may be prescribed to increase the healing rate and improve overall health, thus further accelerating the return to activity. We also use a brain-based approach in the rehabilitation of these injuries that incorporates high-tech treatment in the office and low-tech techniques to be done at home to sharpen an athlete’s skills. These brain-training techniques lead to improved performance and decrease the risk for future injury.

When compared to the traditional Western medicine approach, this synergistic approach cuts healing time roughly in half for sprain/strain injuries and even for fractures. Non-healing injuries, including non-healing fractures that have been slated for surgical repair, also respond well to our methods. In fact, since these injuries respond so favorably to our treatment methods, we choose to call these “improperly treated injuries” rather than “non-healing” injuries and fractures.

Next Steps: How Synergistic Care Works for You

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