Joan Parker Avatar
Joan Parker
Five years ago, my friend gave me a gift certificate for a massage with Dr. DeMartini at CA Neurohealth, which was one of the he best massage I’ve ever had! At that time, I thought of getting a massage as a luxury and something I’d get once a year or so. I then retired and spent five months backpacking and realized massage is a preventative measure designed to maintain a healthy body. Ever since, I have had a massage once a month! Dr. DeMartini listens to my concerns each session, addresses those concerns, and performs a thorough head-to-toe massage. His knowledge of the human body and clear explanations have been so helpful in my understanding of how I can improve my healing and mobility. I am so grateful for and would highly recommend Dr DeMartini!
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Lisa Stemper Avatar
Lisa Stemper
It was my first acupuncture experience. They were very knowledgeable and explained it all as she took me through the whole process. I am currently scheduled for another appt. I have already seen some progress with my neck pain.
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Corinne Harrison Avatar
Corinne Harrison
Extremely thorough first appointment with Dr. DeMartini. I truly felt seen, heard and understood. All great things considering how most doctor’s appointments go. Looking forward to my treatment journey and to improving my quality of life.
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Arezoo Sadrinezhad Avatar
Arezoo Sadrinezhad
I had a great experience with Elham. It was my first time doing acupuncture so I had tons of questions. Elham took the time to answer all my questions and explained to me how it can benefit my health. She did a great job doing the process as well. She made sure that I was comfortable. Overall, I really enjoyed my treatment and I will diginitley go back.
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Khashayar DeMartini Avatar
Khashayar DeMartini
I really like the service here. It’s gotten me through many years of wrestling.
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Marilyn Moore Avatar
Marilyn Moore
Very knowledgeable of anatomy and always zeroes in on problem areas and provided relief … highly recommend
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Nora Kuchikali Avatar
Nora Kuchikali
I highly recommend California Neurohealth. I was impressed by their professionalism, the way they cared and the time they took to thoroughly explain what their treatment plan is. The husband and wife duo is unlike any other. It’s the perfect balance for acupuncture and chiropractic. I left their office feeling so much better and cannot wait to schedule my next appointment.
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tonya holmescusick Avatar
tonya holmescusick
I can't say enough good things about California Neurohealth! I came to Elham and Chris during a crisis after getting a concussion and dealing with other health issues. They have both been so kind , helpful and patient with me. They are both incredibly knowledgeable! Due to Elham's amazing acupuncture treatment I was able to go to my daughter's graduation pain free!
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josh offill Avatar
josh offill
Christopher DeMartini is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He truly has my best interest in mind when it comes to health and wellness. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking remedies for health issues in his area of expertise. I am forever grateful for his service.
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ShellBeachOma Avatar
Wonderful, expert practitioners. Thank you!
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Kelly Richardson Avatar
Kelly Richardson
I have felt better in the last week than I have in a long time, thanks to Elham, I feel as though she’s worked a miracle. Both her and Chris are so professional and knowledgeable and it lends itself to feeling your in good hands.
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Jackie Sanchez Avatar
Jackie Sanchez
Dr. De Martini has been amazing. He listens to my concerns and tries to find the root of the problem. His adjustments have helped so much over the last few months. He is a very kind person and very knowledgeable. I enjoy seeing him!
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Mark Fleming Avatar
Mark Fleming
I went to Dr. DeMartini to address my decades of lower back pain. His care and the exercises he's given me have alleviated the majority of my pain after just a few months. In addition, he's provided some exercises for my Restless Leg Syndrome that has helped significantly. He's not the typical chiropractor that talks to you for a few minutes, quickly cracks your back and neck, and then sets you up on a heavy schedule. In fact, he spent quite a long time with me that first appointment, analyzing everything, and continues to spend plenty of time with me in each subsequent visit. He's never tried to get me on a schedule, never pushy. I see him as I feel is needed. He very much cares about his patients. I can email or call him and he'll have a conversation with me at anytime, about the specific issues he's working on with me, or even other health issues. He answers all my myriad questions. You won't find another chiropractor like this in town. And by the way, he's more than just a chiropractor, he's a Chiropractic Neurologist, which gives him a vastly deeper understanding of the body. I highly recommend Dr. DeMartini without reservation.
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jon hamm Avatar
jon hamm
Doctor DeMartini feels more like a brother than a chiropractor. He melted my skull within the first few moments of meeting him with his expansive and exhaustive knowledge of all things neurological. His knowledge is so multi-disciplinary and holistic that it defies belief. Theres literally nothing I could throw at him that he couldnt amplify on. He caught a biomarker that probably would not have been caught in a million years by an orthodox practitioner. Im very holistic minded, but I didnt see it. He didnt just hone in on an outlier datapoint, but he also helped me defeat a soul-crushing bout of alcoholism which I was trapped in since my divorce by pointing me towards Ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Now I drink as much in a month as I use to before noon. Saying he is a gifted healer is probably an understatement.
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mark tracey Avatar
mark tracey
Elham is very helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable. She spent more time than allotted or expected, addressed all of my concerns and complaints, and helped me in several ways and many areas. Thanks!
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jeannee james Avatar
jeannee james
My Chiropractor, Dr. Demartini, in Paso Robles, is such a blessing . So grateful to have such a wonderful person that he is, to be great as what he does. He works wonders on my neck and back pain , the numbness in my hands. He's got the "touch", and healing hands. Personable , kind, understanding , I consider him my friend as well as someone you can trust with you body and your thoughts. You best make an appointment, and guaranteed, you will be glad you did. This is my first review, but this man should be shared . Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Jeannee James.
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Michelyn Stiller Avatar
Michelyn Stiller
I have been struggling with health issues for over a year now. My blood pressure was at hypertension level and I have been struggling with severe balance issues. My back and body was in extreme pain. Not to mention tendonitis. These issues were making the ability to do my normal daily routines worse over time. Especially after having Covid. My health quickly started declining and spiraling down. With long wait times for Doctors within my network, I needed help fast. After surfing the internet and making lot's of calls I was just about to give up. I stumbled on California Neurohealth's website and after researching the site, I made my first phone call. It was the best phone call I have made. I spoke with Elham regarding my ailments and what I have been going through. She carefully listened and assured me that I am not alone in this. I made an appointment to see Dr. DeMartini. It was the best appointment I ever made. Both Dr. DeMartini and Elham took the time to listen, assess, and evaluate the issues on hand. After finding out all the details pertaining to my health they both carefully and attentively walked me through diet changes, adjustment modifications, accupuncture, and other treatments. I have been following the therapy plan that they carefully design specific to my health needs. Because they both carefully listened, my health is seriously improving. I am so grateful to have some hope and some healing after over a year of suffering. If you are stuck in limbo with ailments and health issues, having long wait times and not getting well. I encourage you to research their website. If anything pertains to you, give this office a call. I look forward to my appointments and continuing with the wonderful treatment Elham and Dr. DeMartini provide. In not just to see my health improve but truly feel it. This office truly cares about all of their patients. It is extremely rare to find a place like this. Their dedication to their patients is above and beyond! My sincerest gratitude to Elham and Dr. DeMartini. Thank you very much.
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Ryan Avatar
Incredibly kind and professional. Came in to treat back pain and have been amazed by the amount of relief I have gained over such a short amount of time. Highly recommend! A+++
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San Martinez Avatar
San Martinez
You could come with doubt that a simple adjustment will make difference but come!! Words can't express how grateful I've been that after coming for the last 2 moths on a biweekly schedule it has changed the way I feel daily, to the way I sleep. Despite having some injuries and thinking I'd always have a burning sensations and pinching sensation because of it, well let me tell you I couldn't been more wrong. To the way Dr. Demartin explains what he's going to do and the way it'll help me to the way he even suggest home exercises, the entire experience has been been an outstanding service and recommended anyone who feels pain or discomfort to anyone wanting to relax for the day no man will leave you this satisfied.
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Kristin Sullivan Avatar
Kristin Sullivan
I first went to see Dr DeMartini for chronic upper back pain. Ihad been to many chiropractors over the years, but was immediately impressed with the time he took to understand my history, the location of the pain and how it affected other areas before doing any adjustments or manipulations. He also worked on my balance to musculoskeletal health gave me exercises to improve both strength and mobility. also went to Elham for acupuncture as I had never tried it and was eager for anything that could improve my back health. She was also very thorough going through my diet and specific injury history before treating me and making recommendations. The next morning I woke up feeling better than had in weeks. After a follow-up appointment with both health practitioners today, I am excited to be on the road to getting back to doing the sports I love. Thank you Dr. Chris and Elham!
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