What is cupping you ask?

Cupping is a therapeutic procedure I use frequently in my practice at California Neurohealth in San Luis Obispo and is commonly used by licensed acupuncturists, although other healthcare practitioners may perform this therapy if it is covered under the scope of their license. Cupping uses a partial vacuum to affect, stretch and pressure receptors in the skin which results in sensory input into the nervous system. It is also used to intentionally create bruise-like marks on the skin in order to stimulate your body’s healing response. This healing response is in part due to the increase in your blood circulation through the area of the cupping mark, to tissues and channels and organs, deep to the site of the cupping mark. Your immune cells are mobilized to the site of the cupping mark and these immune cells have the capacity to heal tissue injuries of all types, which is why cupping is often used to help heal sprains and strains as well as weight loss and detoxification of the body, and issues unrelated to the musculoskeletal system since improving blood flow and bolstering the immune response is an important part of healing for many health problems. Cupping can be performed in addition to acupuncture to cause a longer-lasting effect than using acupuncture needles by themselves and is a way of extending the healing effects of your treatment in our office in San Luis Obispo’s own California Neurohealth.

What you should expect:

Here at California Neurohealth in San Luis Obispo, we listen to the story of your health, as well as write down all your medications and supplements, before giving you cupping treatment to minimize any potential adverse effects. These adverse effects are mostly due to medications you may be taking or if you have a history of or are at risk of developing a bleeding disorder. Small purple or red spots called petechiae or bruise-like marks called ecchymosis are expected after cupping but unlike deep bruises, there is not a blunt trauma of the deep tissues underneath the cup and most confess that cupping marks are not painful like bruises commonly are.

Did you know that Cupping can be useful for your cervicogenic and tension headaches? When cupping is performed over myofascial trigger and acupuncture points relevant to the cause(s) of your condition, headaches will come around less often and go away much faster. At California Neurohealth in San Luis Obispo, the application of cupping is specific to your unique presentation and there is no one formula that works on every person. Are you interested in trying cupping? I strongly advise you to receive cupping therapy from someone expressly trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) examination and treatment of medical issues, to maximize your benefit from the treatment. What are you waiting for? Call us at California Neurohealth in San Luis Obispo, CA at (805) 439-1581 or click the purple button on the homepage on this website that says request an appointment, and let us help you with your headaches.



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